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The goal of the project is to come up with a series of suggestions for raising the quality, popularity and awareness of retrainings, lifelong learning and further professional education among the employees aged over 50. This objective will be achieved through the exchange of experience and know-how among the project partners by mutual visits and web-based meetings. Each project partner will prepare a case study about the situation in his country in terms of active ageing strategies and lifelong learning. The aim of mutual meetings will also be to identify a best practice or method that could be transferable to other countries. The outcome of the project will be a catalogue of best practices, policies and strategies in promoting lifelong learning and a list of suggestions how to underscore the importance, improve tle quality and increase the number of opportunities for the target group 50+ in order to raise their competences and strengthen their position on the labour market.


Project objective and strategy

The main objectives of the PLAS project are:

1. to analyze the current situation and identify best practice .This objective will be achieved by means of case studies by PPs based on a previously agreed set of criteria and methodology.

2.to come up with suggestions for improvement. Achievement of this aim will be based on the inputs of all PPs and on the outputs of discussions, meetings and other forms of exchange of experience that will take place during the project.

3.to disseminate the project outputs. The last goal will be realized through a web page devoted to the project as well as through series of workshops and a final conference held on the topic.


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