Villa Castelli

Villa Castelli, Italy

Villa CastelliVilla Castelli is about 50 km from Brindisi, its chief town, and about 25 km from Taranto, which our town shares the linguistic root and frequent professional and commercial exchanges with. The dialect of Villa Castelli is very similar to the dialect of Taranto as well as the dialect of Bari, which are defined “Apulian”.

Villa Castelli is equally far from the Adriatic and Ionian Sea (28km) and near places of greater natural, cultural and touristic interest such as Martina Franca (town of the Baroque), Locorotondo and Alberobello (the towns of the “trulli“), Castellana Grotte (with its breathtaking caves), Ceglie Messapica (known for its gastronomy), Ostuni (the “white city”), Brindisi (the gate of Orient), Grottaglie (town of ceramics), Manduria (town of the “primitivo” wine), Taranto (ancient capital of Magna Graecia). For these reasons Villa Castelli is an attractive destination for whoever wants to visit this vast portion of Apulia, between the southern hilly area of the province of Bari and the northern end of “Salento”, enjoying its unique scenery.


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