Pisces WM

Pisces WM, United Kingdom

PISCES is an acronym for Partnerships in Social and Community Enterprise in Schools, Skills for Life and Social care.

Over the past 4 years of existence we have become arguably one of the fastest growing and innovative Social enterprises within the West Midlands.

Our specialism is in the development of Transnational Partnerships within the European Union. As at 31st July 2011, we are working with 27 partners in 15 separate European States with at least 3 new programmes under development.

PISCESwm is, deliberately, a small, non bureaucratic organisation but works through a large number of associate individuals and organisations throughout the West Midlands to enable them to benefit from the engagement in transnational initiatives – See our recent news items.

The next 12 months will see a major focus on Community development in the West Midlands with a clear policy of focusing on a limited number of ‘Cutting Edge’ projects aimed at stretching the boundaries of community, social and family inclusion using partners in Education and Housing as our principal allies.

This will be achieved under two themes:

  • Unlocking the Potential of People over 50;
  • Local Inclusion through Heritage and Education;

With an underlying promotion of intergenerational learning and sharing of skills.

Our practice is never to attempt anything that others are better placed to provide but to offer facilitation around partnership activity to allow these projects to be even more effective. This can often be around accessing resources from Europe under a number of separate programmes, often in association with LUDENET ( Web Site link), a unique Brussels based consultancy specialising in project development and networking.

PISCESwm c.i.c. enjoys special friendships with colleagues in France, Slovenia, The Czech Republic and Lithuania and part of its ongoing programme is to develop a network of internships to enable Graduate students from these countries to come to the west midlands to work within Socio Economically focused projects.

Read more at http://pisceswm.co.uk

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